Shopping online is cheaper!

Shopping online is cheaper than going to the outlet because traders want to encourage you to use their website.

We have saved you the time and expense of hunting around looking for deals by compiling a list of websites that provide you with the best value options to equip your rented property. 

From furniture and appliances to pots and pans, we have provided you with a range of options to suit your budget.

Low to medium range budget (for flat pack furniture and general house hold necessities these sites are unbeatable for prices)


Medium to high range budget (expect to pay more at these sites but with that extra expense comes quality, still outstanding value)



Are you doing repairs to the property before renting it out? Make further savings on materials such as tiles and grout, timber and doors. These are the sites that we go to get the best deals 


Do you have a damaged or broken kitchen appliance? Repairing an appliance is very specialised and requires the attention of people who deal with them every day